GRID/ROR transition

Hi all,

As you may have heard, After 6 years, Digital Science’s GRID will be retiring its public releases in Q4 of 2021 to make way for ROR to develop further. ROR

We’re excited about this transition, and thankful to Digital Science for providing the GRID seed data to launch ROR and for helping to coordinate registry updates.

ROR and Digital Science are committed to making the transition as smooth as possible for anyone who may wish to make the switch from GRID to ROR.

You can find resources about transitioning from GRID to ROR on the (new!) ROR support site, and we’ll be sharing more resources soon. In the meantime, we’re happy to answer questions here, or over on the ROR API users group. You can also get in touch with the GRID team if you have questions for them.


Wow big news! Thanks for sharing @lizkrz

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Do I understand correctly that the current GRID identifiers will stay resolvable and that this continues to be the responsibility of Digital Science?

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Hi @wouter.addink , this is something that’s still somewhat in the works. What we’ve heard from the GRID team is that the registry (as in the website) will eventually be sunset as well, though no firm date at this point. @Suze-DigitalScience can you share any additional details from the GRID side?

Hi Wouter, thanks for your question. All previously released versions of GRID will remain available and users can resolve GRID IDs via those releases. The GRID website will eventually undergo a change where organisation pages are no longer available. GRID will continue as an internal tool for Digital Science, but we want to avoid situations with contradicting information available on static pages on (e.g. a different organisation name, a former hierarchy) as this will cause confusion for users. This is in line with the approach previously used for OrgRef (see Retiring OrgRef | The DataSalon Blog) as it retired back in 2018. OrgRef IDs have remained available in the GRID database (e.g. to help users resolve any old OrgRef IDs if needed. Whether GRID IDs will continue to be relevant for ROR users, and therefore remain available in ROR, will be up to ROR, and we presume will depend on demand from the ROR community.